Some Slightly Interesting Websites

Are you fed up with choosing between "Very useful websites" and "Absolute rubbish", and finding nothing in between? Well, you've come to the right place - all the sites listed below are firmly in the "Slightly Interesting" category and may be of slight interest to you. They are of use at times of specific need and might be helpful for the intended purpose. They are all FREE to use. We hope you find them (slightly) interesting...
Dead Link Checker
This is an easy and efficient way to identify all broken links on a website. Simply enter the URL of the site you wish to check, and Dead Link Checker will scan every page on the website, reporting on any broken links it finds.
Everyone's heard of Google and many people know what a Googol is, but have you ever come across a Googolplex? Find out all about the world's second largest named number.
So, you know what a Googolplex is? Now you can really impress your friends with your mathematical knowledge when you tell them about the Googolplexian - the world's largest named number.
A random selection of pointless websites. Just click the button and wait to see which curious corner of the internet you'll be taken to next.
Random Numbers
Generate random numbers for any purpose - many features are included in this free random number generator. It also tells you about true randomness - an interesting text that also makes a guest appearance in the free 70 level web game Spot the difference. If you use this site to choose numbers that ultimately result in your winning large amounts of dosh on the lottery or lotto - then please keep it all, don't feel obliged to send us anything - we will be happy for you - enjoy the cash - live a little.
My IP Address
Ever wondered what the IP address of your computer is? Yes - well just go here and we will tell you. What is an IP number anyway? Why is it important and why should you care? The number is displayed in BIG characters for the hard of seeing. A slightly interesting website if ever there was one. Also lets you check where an IP address is located - IP Locator tool (free!)
Random Name Selector
A handy utility for choosing a name for your new baby - or your car, or maybe your pet spider - it's up to you. Select names based on initial letter, gender, length, popularity or origin. You can also search for your favorite name and vote for it - see if you can get your name to the #1 position in the monthly top 50!
An online contructive plaything, where you can grow your own enchanted forest. Plant seeds and watch them grow into trees, which you can then move around to customise your forest image.
A relaxation and meditation aid. Let your mind drift while soft coloured lights float past your eyes, and mystical soothing music plays in the background.
Lava Lamp
Step back into the '60s with this Retro Lava Lamp simulation. Blobs of coloured liquid wax rise and fall in a column of clear liquid, driven by the warmth of a bulb in the base of the lamp. Totally psychedelic and groovy.
Plasma Globe
Blue and pink tendrils of electrical energy stream like miniature lightning bolts from the central element to the glass sphere in this amazing Plasma Ball simulation. Use the mouse, or your fingers on a touch-screen device, to attract the filaments.
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