Plasma Globe simulation

Welcome to this online HTML5 simulation of the popular 'Plasma Globe' aka 'lightning sphere'.

Blue and pink tendrils of electrical energy stream from the central element to the surrounding glass sphere. Try the Plasma Globe now.

Click with the mouse or place your fingers on a touch screen to attract the filaments.


How to use this simulation

This plasma-globe simulation can be viewed on a computer or mobile device. Switching the browser to full-screen mode will enhance the experience - most desktop browsers use the F11 key to switch between full-screen and windowed views.

There is a row of buttons at the top of the screen. In order to provide an uncluttered display these buttons will be hidden after a short time, but will reappear if the mouse pointer is moved into that area. Try adding more Plasma Lighting.

Interactive Playthings

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About the Plasma Globe demo

This site uses HTML5 to provide its visual and audio effects. Most modern web browsers can display this content, but some older browsers may not work. If this is the case you can download a free browser such as Chrome which will support HTML5.

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